1. Independent Music on Independence Day.
    Check out our album version of “Live or Die.”


  2. yellowbirdkate:

    Celebrating Nirvana’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — Josh and I recorded our own version of “Blew.” 


  3. Kate, Josh, and Giuseppe just want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to our show at the Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh for 105.9 The X's Winter Rock Showcase on Friday. Here are a few photos from the evening compliments of BarSmart.comBob Giacometti, and Brian Sipes. We had an awesome time. 

    We hope to see you all soon as we are currently planning upcoming shows in the burgh and beyond. 

    Mod Social


  4. We are playing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh this Friday February 21st for 105.9 the X’s Winter Rock Showcase. This is a 21 and over show. 

    Doors at 8:30.
    Tickets are $5 - reach out to us at our Mod Social Facebook page.

    We will be playing tracks from our upcoming EP. We are really excited to share this with all of you.

    Come out - bring friends.


  5. yellowbirdkate:

    #modsocial #rehearsal 2/13/14


  6. yellowbirdkate:

    We have a lot of news for you guys today! So here we go:
    1. We are asking YOU (and your friends) to submit your own remixes of “Alternate Space” to us with the end goal of your version being released on our EP (with your name on it, of course!) AND with the secondary goal of being part of our upcoming remix compilation of our entire album.
    How - you ask?
    Welllll…. we have the files on the ready for you to be able to download them onto your computer and work your magic. Be creative! Do whatever you want with this track. We may just love it… and include it!
    So - this starts TODAY - You have until January 21st at NOON (eastern time!) to submit your tracks to us via Soundcloud. We will choose our TOP THREE and feature them on all of our social media outlets… and then it’s up to you to share it and get as many plays as possible on them. The final decision will be posted January 27th by noon (again, eastern time).
    If you want to be a part of this - obviously, the first thing is - to “Like” our Facebook page, and then Private Message us via our MOD SOCIAL page and we will send you the files via dropbox. And off you go!!
    2. We have the finalized EP-ready version of “Alternate Space!!” Get your headphones on! 
    and more importantly GET CREATIVE!


  7. yellowbirdkate:

    We were just notified that my band, Mod Social, will be played tonight on Pittsburgh’s 105.9 around 8 p.m. — if you aren’t in the area you can still stream it online! Super stoked and grateful. xoxo to all.


  8. yellowbirdkate:

    NME Magazine has featured our cover of Bob Dylan’s “One More Cup of Coffee” - ch-check it out, y’all. xoxo


  9. A new Living Room Session is up for viewing! Check out our acoustic cover of Portishead’s “Glory Box”


  10. What are you doing on October 5th? Want to roadtrip with MOD SOCIAL to Canada? We’re playing the Harvesting The FAM Festival at Phog Lounge, which has been voted Canada’s Best Live Music Venue. We hope to see you there!